Certificate in
Lay Leadership (CLL)

Certificate in Lay Leadership (CLL)

The CLL program seeks to equip those serving on Church Boards as Elders, Deacons and Council members to serve alongside their pastors in the local church. CLL is an audit-only, 2-3 years program. The Certificate in Lay Leadership (CLL) will be awarded to those who complete the 4 core and 4 elective modules in the CLL program.

  • Hermeneutics 1 (Core)
  • Hermeneutics 2 (Core)
  • Homiletics 1?
  • Homiletics 2
  • Biblical Leadership (Core)?
  • Role of Pastor/Church Board/Church Governance (Core)
  • Theology of Church and Missions
  • How to be a Disciple-Making Church
  • Handling Conflicts/Church Discipline (Core)
  • Book study of 1 Corinthians
  • Technology and Ministry



CCM & CLL Jan-Jun 2024

Introducing CCM and CLL:
CCM, our evolved theological centre, offers church-focused courses led by practitioner theologians. CLL, a 2-3 year program, empowers Church Board members with a Certificate in Lay Leadership. We are enhancing ministry readiness.

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Module Expectations

Each module lasts 12-16 hours, spreading over 4 to 8 weeks on weekends or weekdays. It can be performed in various forms. For example:

  1. Hybrid class (can choose online or onsite participation)
  2. Online through Zoom with the learning platform
  3. Certain modules are held onsite only, such as preaching modules
  4. Online learning platform to watch lecture videos and discussion with the online tutor

Certification Requirements

To be awarded with the Certificate in Lay Leadership (CLL), students need to

  1. Complete 8 modules, including 4 cores and 4 electives in the CLL program.
  2. Achieve 75% attendance in each of the 8 modules.

Entry Requirements

Applicants should

  1. Must be actively serving in the church in a leadership role, such as cell group, deacon, elder, head of the ministry, etc.
  2. Can also be in a para-church or mission organization
  3. Need not be in Church Board or Council


Please email admin.csl.e@sbc.edu.sg or send your enquiries below.