Master of Arts
in Counselling

The MAC is a recognised degree by the Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC) with effect from 8th February 2010.

Full-time studies for Master of Arts in Counselling takes two years. Part-time studies can stretch from 2.5 years to five years. It is advisable for part-time students to allot at least two days a week for readings and requirements. Part time studies would take 12 credits or less. Full time studies requires at least 15 credits and follows the required curriculum. The MAC equips one to be spiritually and clinically trained for professional counselling practice in churches, hospitals, schools and other settings.

Prerequisites for Programme Admission?

Academic Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized University or Bible College

English Language Requirements

  • ‘A’ Level: B4 in ‘AO’ level General Paper or
  • TOEFL: 550 pts (or 80 iBT) or
  • IELTS: 6.0?

General Requirements

  • At least 24 years old
  • Christian for at least 2 years
  • Evidence of involvement in ministry
  • Endorsement by church leadership


  • Completion of 64 credit hours of studies?
  • Completion of? 120 client-contact couselling hours, 60 hours of group supervision, 23 hours of individual supervision, 12 hours of personal therapy sessions and 8 hours of spiritual direction sessions
  • Minimum GPA of 2.5

Curriculum from Jul 2021 onwards

第一学期 数学分
OT Survey 3
Christian Spirituality for Counsellors 2
Human Development 3
Introduction to Counselling Theories 2
Counselling Foundations and Practice of Listening Skills 3
Counselling Issues I - Common Problems 3
APA Referencing and Research Writing AU
第二学期 数学分
NT Survey 3
Child & Adolescent Therapy 3
Social & Multi-cultural Issues in Counselling 2
Professional Ethics & Ethical Issues 2
Counselling Issues II-Trauma and Crisis Counselling 3
Psychopathology 2
Counselling Practicum M1 1
第一学期 数学分
Doctrine I 3
Engaging World Religions 3
Marriage & Family Therapy I 2
Integration of Psychology & Theology 2
Group Therapy 2
On Being A Therapist 2
Counselling Practicum M2 2
第二学期 数学分
Doctrine II 3
Therapeutic Approaches 2
Marriage & Family Therapy II 3
Gender & Sexuality: Counselling Perspectives 2
Psychological Assessment: Tests and Interpretation 2
Spiritual Direction & Mentoring 2
Counselling Practicum M3 2

All applicants will undergo psychological assessment and a panel interview with the SOC faculty as part of the entry process.


在新神,我们会采取混成式学习(blended learning)的模式,即兼用实体和在线的各种平台,来设计各式各样的同步与非同步学习活动,以此建立我们的群体。因此,学生将会从各类面对面与在线学习活动中,在新神体验到更丰富的学习。