Master of Divinity

The world we live in today is a cosmopolitan, globally connected, 24/7/365 world which straddles both geographical and digital spaces. Whether in Singapore, in regions immediately surrounding this island nation, or in countries further afield, the dynamism of the 21st century has introduced new challenges. Serving in such a world requires understanding, perspective, competence, emotional stability, compassion, and other leadership qualities for effective ministry.

The Master of Divinity is a 3-year, full-time (or max. of 7 years part-time) leadership development programme designed to equip men and women for ministries in churches, mission, parachurch organizations, and the public square. Offered fully onsite in SBC, students will study in a worshipful, richly diverse, multicultural learning community with at least 20-25 nationalities represented.

Our curriculum emphasises 4 kinds of competencies and capacities to cultivate in our students through blended learning:

  • Understanding Christian foundations – biblical, theological, and historical elements in our rich Christian heritage which continue to inform the ideals, identity, mission, and practices of the church
  • Developing character in community – growth as God’s created being in community and cultivation of spiritual, emotional, and moral maturity
  • Understanding cultural shifts – the impact on life, church, and ministry and developing informed responses to the rapid changes experienced in the 21

  • Developing ministry skills – growth in competencies such as reading and interpreting texts, preaching, counselling, teaching, small group facilitation, mobilisation, and other areas needed for effective leadership and ministry

The Master of Divinity at SBC allows exploration of ministry interests by giving students the flexibility of taking competency courses. The three tracks available are Biblical Studies, Pastoral Ministries and Intercultural Studies. Students may also opt for a General Studies track.

The Biblical
Studies Track

The Biblical Studies track focuses on Bible exegesis in preparation for ministries in teaching and research.

The Pastoral Ministries Track

The Pastoral Ministries Track focuses on foundational understandings and skills in preparation for pastoral leadership.?

The Intercultural Studies Track

The Intercultural Studies Track focuses on missions studies and skills in preparation for field and home missions leadership.

Prerequisites for Programme Admission

Academic Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized University or Bible College
  • Applicants with a Polytechnic degree may apply to do a 31-credit bridging programme to qualify for admission. Please contact the Registrar’s Office for more details.

English Language Minimum Requirements

  • ‘A’ Level: B4
  • TOEFL: 550 (PBT)/213 (CBT)/80 (IBT)
  • IELTS:? 6.0

General Requirements

  • At least 24 years old
  • Christian for at least 2 years
  • Evidence of involvement in ministry
  • Evidence of call to ministry and service
  • Endorsement by church leadership


  • Completion of 92 credit hours of studies including field education
  • Minimum GPA of 2.5


第一学期 数学分
旧约基础 3
释经学 3
Biblical Greek I 3
Survey of Church History 3
Research and Writing 1
Critical Thinking and
Field Education 1
第二学期 数学分
Old Testament Studies I 3
New Testament Foundations 3
Biblical Greek II 3
Asian Church History 2
Homiletics I 3
Field Education 1
第一学期 数学分
Biblical Hebrew I 3
Old Testament Studies II 3
New Testament Studies I 3
Introduction to
Christian Spirituality
New Testament Exegesis I OR
Field Education 1
第二学期 数学分
Biblical Hebrew II 3
New Testament Studies II 3
Systematic Theology I 3
Missiological Perspectives 3
Competency/Elective 3
Field Education 1
Year 3
第一学期 数学分
Systematic Theology II 3
Old Testament Exegesis I OR
Competency/Elective 3
Competency/Elective 3
Shadow Internship 2
Field Education 1
第二学期 数学分
Systematic Theology III 3
Homiletics II 3
Competency/Elective 3
Competency/Elective 3
Capstone Course 3
Field Education 1

Competency 1: Christian Worldview & Witness

第一学期 第二学期
伦理学 Gospel, Church & Culture (PM/BS Track recm’d)
Engaging World Religions (IS Track recm’d) Apologetics and Outreach
Cultural Anthropology for Ministry
Capstone Course
Field Education

Competency 2: Pastoral Care

第一学期 第二学期
Pastoral Counselling (PM Track recm’d) Theology of Work and Vocation
Emotional Health of a Pastor Building Strong Families
Conflict Resolution & Reconciliation (PM Track recm’d)

Other Electives

第一学期 第二学期
Diaspora Missiology OT Studies III
NT Exegesis I (if not as req’d MDiv course) NT Studies III
OT Exegesis I (if not as req’d MDiv course) NT Exegesis II
Culture & Contextualization OT Exegesis II
International Development

Competency 3: Pastoral Leadership

第一学期 第二学期
Pastoral Theology and Ministry (PM Track recm’d) Principles of Christian Education
Ministry to Youth & Youth Culture Teaching-Learning Process (PM Track recm’d)
Ministry to Adults Cross Cultural Discipleship (IS Track recm’d)