Living Expenses

Estimated Expenditure Chart
for International Students?

One Year Estimate Living Expenditure

Items/Category Single Couple Family with 1 child Family with 2 children
Tuition Fee
@ $240/credit (SOC)
@ $150/credit (SOTC / SOC / SCM / ThM)
Professional fees
(not applicable to SOTC & SOTE)
EduTech fee (S$75 per semester) S$150 S$150 S$150 S$150
Dorm Fee
Single Unit @ $292/mth or
Couple Unit @ $584/mth
S$3,500 S$7,000 S$12,000–S$18,000
School term on-campus food fee @ $700/semester
S$1,500 S$3,000 S$9,000–S$12,000
(average S$8/day per person)
Vacation & weekends (average $8/day) S$1,700 S$3,400
Medical Health Insurance (yearly renewal) S$150 S$300 S$450
Medical Visit (average $50/visit) S$100 S$200 S$300 S$400
Student Pass/Dependent Pass ($100/renewal) S$200 S$300 S$500 S$700
Transport (average $50/mth) S$600 S$1,200 S$1,500 S$1,800
Book/Stationery S$600
Class Fund Contribution (average $15/mth) S$150
Allowance (average $50/mth) S$600 S$1,200 S$1,500 S$1,800
Miscellaneous (toiletries & handphone etc) S$500 S$750 S$800 S$850
Estimated Amount S$15,500–S$21,000 S$23,500–S$29,000 S$32,500–S$48,000

Please noted that the amount above include 7% GST and subject to change.

For DMin student only : One module Estimate Expenditure

Items/Category Amount
Tuition Fees S$856
Books and Study Materials S$270–350
Accommodation (@ $30-60 per day for budget hostel) S$250–S$450
Food & Transport (@ $12 -15 per day) S$100–S$120
Flight (depending on which country) S$500–S$1200
Total Expenses S$2000–S$3000

One-Time Payment

Items Amount
Orientation Fee S$107
Graduation Fee S$270
Banker’s Guarantee Service Charge S$170–S$470

Banker’s Guarantee Service Charge depending on the student’s nationality.

Children Education

Children Education Estimated Amount
Kindergarten Fee (age 3-6) S$350–S$700 per month
Primary School Fee (age 7 -12) S$500–S$700 per month
English (UK)