SBC Heartbeat

A quarterly newsletter?that responds to socio-cultural challenges from a biblical worldview. Articles will also be furnished with some questions for personal reflection or group discussion.

The Birth of SBC Heartbeat

Over more than four decades, SBC has published 259 issues of Pray For Us. The readership of each issue continues to expand, reaching our alumni, church pastors, denominational leaders, co-workers in Christian organizations and mission agencies, prayer partners, supporters, and donors. We have more than 14,000 readers across the world!

The contents of Pray for Us have been rich and concise, with sharing from the Principal, articles by lecturers based on their expertise, testimonies of alumni and students, reports of past events, updates on our faculty, staff and alumni, announcements on upcoming events, financial updates, and prayer items. We thank God because many readers have been greatly edified by Pray for Us.

However, in view of the emerging social, cultural and human issues in the new millennium, SBC as a theological education institution is committed to do theology for the Church and mission field based on the biblical worldview and the Great Commission to the world. SBC is thus revamping Pray for Us, in order to share more articles that engage realities in churches and societies in our region and beyond.


Issue 279 (November 2021-January 2022)

Issue 278 (August-October 2021)

Issue 277 (May-July 2021)

Issue 276 (February-April 2021)



Issue 275 (November 2020-January 2021)

Issue 274 (August-October 2020)

Issue 273 (May-July 2020)

Issue 272 (February-April 2020)

Issue 271 (November 2019-January 2020)

Issue 270 (August-October)

Issue 268 (February-April)

Issue 269 (May-July)

Issue 264 (February-April)

Issue 265 (May-July)

Issue 266 (August-October)

Issue 267 (November-January 2019)

Issue 260 (February-April)

Issue 261 (May-July)

Issue 262 (August-October)

Issue 263 (November-January)