Bible College


A Word from the Principal
Rev. Dr. Clement Chia

Be an Adaptive Servant-Leader in a Disruptive World

Congratulations to the 71st graduating class of SBC! You are about to embark on a journey marked by both opportunity and peril, hope and despair, life and death. How will you navigate through such uncertain times and unpredictable circumstances?

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Biblical Tours: Greece & Turkey (01-13 Dec 2024)

Take the journey of a lifetime!
13 Days 12 Nights



Scripture & Preaching Conference 2024

SBC Conference 2024, Scripture and Preaching, will feature speakers from a variety of disciplines who will provide insights about the Christian Scripture from various perspectives.



CCM & CLL Jul-Dec 2024

CCM aims to equip church leaders and congregants with knowledge, skill and attitude that are contextually relevant to church ministries today. This program has no exams or requirements and is taught by experienced teachers. It's for ministry leaders, young professionals, and dedicated church members. You can complete the whole program for a certificate or take individual classes.

Raising Leaders for the End-time Harvest

News of pastors and ministry workers retiring is increasingly common. Churches are facing challenges in filling or expanding their staff teams. Global seminary enrolments are experiencing a decline. The symposium aims to address important issues and suggest solutions to a problem that will become more urgent in the near future.

Featured Courses July-Nov 2024

Do you want to renew your thinking on current issues or update your theological training? Every semester, SOTE makes a selection of our courses available to alumni and interested individuals without requiring them to be currently enrolled in an SBC programme.

Echoes of God: Theological Literature and Spiritual Formation

Through this seminar we will explore what it means to know God’s words, how to hear the echoes of God’s speech in the words we read, and how to write and speak in a way that God’s voice may be heard.

Delight (SBC Concert 2024)

Join us for a night of delighting in and meditating on God’s word and works through choral, instrumental, and congregational music by SBC Canticorum and string ensemble, under the leadership of our Resident Conductor, Dr. Eudenice Palaruan.

Preventing Burnout

Come and discover the root causes of burnout and the ways to cope with the never ending demands of ministry.




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