16 September 2021

9.00am — 3.20pm


Mission of SBC

To glorify God by training faithful servants of Jesus Christ to edify the body of Christ and to make disciples of all nations

SBC Open House is designed for prospective students who see the need to be equipped for Christian ministry. If you are wrestling with discerning God’s call in your life and deciding on whether you should undergo theological training, this Open House is for you!

Programme Highlights

Testimonies and Introduction to SBC Programmes

Chapel Time

Trial Classes

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed church operations and community life drastically. Despite the easing of measures, things will never be the same.

We not only have to adapt to the new norm in our lives, but also the way we do church and engage believers and non-believers alike. With everything increasingly digitised, how can leaders help members to continue to be Biblically grounded, yet able to engage with differing viewpoints amicably; or to regain hope, and be vibrant and contagious in their faith?

Perhaps you are thinking, “How should the church go from here?” or? “How can I contribute to the greater work of God?”

One way is through a holistic theological training at Singapore Bible College that is Christ-centred, Bible-based, Church-oriented, Missions-directed and Context-relevant. Come join our Open House to find out more about seminary training!? May God’s kingdom come and His will be done in your life!

If you are keen to explore God’s calling in your life, please register online with us by 13 September 2021. For enquiries, you may also drop us an email at?

We look forward to meeting you.

Special Note to Overseas Students:

We know coming to Singapore during this time may prove challenging. SBC stands ready to help you begin your studies online from where you are for select programmes. You may arrange a meeting with the school’s dean at the Open House to discuss your options.

Trial Classes

2.30 – 3.20pm



12.10 – 1.00pm

Old Testament Foundations

This course offers conceptual and interpretive foundations such as the nature of the Old Testament, its historical, literary, and theological dimensions. This gives students a handle on all the Old Testament corpora which in turn will allow further in-depth studies.


2.30 – 3.20pm

Systematic Theology II

This course introduces students to the person and work of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, especially in relation to creation and redemption. It also investigates soteriological topics including the nature and significance of Christ’s atonement for sin, election, calling, conversion, regeneration, justification, adoption, sanctification, perseverance, and glorification. Finally, the course examines the historical context, biblical basis, and applications for life and ministry for the doctrines considered.

12.10 – 1.00pm

Biblical Worship Time: Sabbath

Why did God command that Sabbath day should be observed? Is it merely for our physical rest? Is this Old Testament still relevant for Christians? If it is relevant, how should we observe our Sabbath day?

2.30 – 3.20pm

Literature-based repertoire (Renaissance, Baroque, Classical) | For mixed voices

This course is designed to expose, train, and increase the competence of conductors to teach diverse sacred choral music suitable for performance and service in their churches. The extensive breadth of religious choral literature is offered over four semesters, focusing on specific musical period(s), styles, or traditions.? This course is designed as a masterclass for student conductors. It is also a music-reading and style-learning session for the class singing as the laboratory choir. This semester’s area is on choral music from the Renaissance to Classical periods of European sacred choral music. The focus will be given to specific composers whose music influenced the development of sacred music of the Reformation and beyond, the kinds of music that arose to counter it, and the sacred pieces of music composed in the royal courts outside of the church’s diminishing influence.

2.30 – 3.20pm
Human Development
This course seeks to trace the normative developmental changes across the life span. It also examines the systemic and individual models of development within a larger socio-cultural and spiritual framework. Special focus will be given on developmental concepts like attachment, emotional, moral and faith development, aging and other issues needed for a deeper understanding of how people grow. An important feature of this course is for each student to evaluate his/her own developmental growth through reflection papers and process sessions with peers.

2.30 – 3.20pm




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